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Air humidification

Fog systems for commercial, industrial, residential sectors

Our products are the most economical solution for reducing the temperature, creating spectacular effects and air humidification in commercial, industrial and residential premises that is to say in supermarkets, wine cellars, greenhouses.

Wherever too dry air is a problem, the use of our Perfect Cool or Idrotech fogging systems can ensure a full control of humidity through the aid of programmable hygrostats. Water is pressurized up to 20-60 bar and then forced into special fog nozzles which turn into very fine particles (10-20 microns) that resemble the natural fog.

  • Remarkable reduction of perceived temperature
  • Up to 90% air humidity increase
  • Management and control of air humidity
  • Reduced installation and maintenance costs
  • Versatility and ease of assembly

The versatility of fog systems allows a wide range of use: fresh products stands, fruit and vegetable displays, wine cellars, greenhouses

These days, everyone is concerned over indoor air quality and occupant comfort. Proper humidification is always right up there at the top of the list when talking about either concern. The tricky part is deciding which system to use. There are numerous types of humidification equipment out there, and not every one is right for every situation.

One of the many types of systems available is fog humidification, or fogging systems. These systems are not designed for use in residential or small applications; they work best in larger commercial/industrial buildings. Due to the low energy costs involved with fogging systems, they are becoming increasingly popular.

In one type of fog humidification system, high-pressure water is forced through special stainless steel nozzles which atomize the water into billions of superfine fog droplets. And superfine means just that — some nozzles generate more than five billion superfine drops per second, and these droplets measure in the range of 10 microns dia.



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