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Push-fit joint: rapid and easy installation.

Valsir PP3® ensures a practical and rapid installation without the use of glues or special tools thanks to the jointing system with push-fit sockets.

The particular shape of the seal and the housing of the push-fit joint guarantee hydraulic tightness and allow the normal movements of the pipe including those caused by thermal expansion.

A system that is suitable for temperature fluctuations

the thermal expansion of Valsir PP3® is extremely low compared to the most common plastic materials, a 3000 mm pipe will expand in length by just 13 mm when the waste liquid flows at a continuous temperature of 60°C.

It is thanks to this low coefficient of thermal expansion that the push-fit joints are capable of absorbing the variations in length of the pipe without taking any particular precautionary measures; it is enough to follow the installation instructions in the Valsir technical manuals.

When a waste system is in use, noises are generated inside the pipelines causing it to vibrate from the fall of the liquid being discharged

Most of the noise generated spreads inside the pipe but the vibrations that are generated are transmitted from the walls of the pipe to the surrounding area and to the bracketing systems and consequently to the building structure.

To minimize noise levels in waste and drainage systems, not only should the system be properly designed and the waste circuit be mounted correctly, but it is also important to choose a system with an elevated soundproofing performance.

PP/PP3®  allows waste systems to be installed that guarantee excellent soundproofing performance, with 2 l/s (typical toilet flush) noise emissions of 17 dB(A) were measured.



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