Rubinetterie EUORORAMA S.p.A. manufactures today in 3 different plants, all based in ITALY, using advanced know-how like the new engineering system for the pilot management of machine tools (first Italian company to adopt this system). Eurorama promptly assimilated the modern and dynamic evolution of the markets as an innovative business philosophy and in order to improve in that direction we promoted the launching of the line ART-DESIGN. The mission of Rubinetterie Eurorama S.p.A. is to bring the creative and aesthetic concept of the “Made in Italy” to the world, through the medium of collections of exclusive products for the bathroom and kitchen decoration. Thanks to this approach, we developed innovative collections for the bathroom such as ROUND, SOUND, FLUE, BLITZ and ALIEN. These models of sanitary fittings have been designed by young avant-garde designers as well as by some better known ones (Lunardi & Menchini Design, Studio Carminati, Fabio Ferraresi), who wanted to conceive a “sober” modern style for the Eurorama lines while the research of the most exclusive shape was the goal for Art Design. All this has enabled our customers to manage a wide range of products suitable for many needs. The kitchen area too plays an important role, where the research for a distinctive but strict design has originated 25 product lines that together make up quite a respectable offer of mixers and taps. By the nature of their design, these are suited for matching with both the classic and the contemporary furnishings, until the postmodern where use of products derived from professional sector allows new applications. In recent years, we have focused mainly on the shower area, a fast-growing segment for our company. The results were an outstanding range of products, supported by next-generation thermostatic mixers in addition to the seducing atmospheres created by large-sized chromo-therapy shower heads. Finally, the great innovation TECNOBOX and UNIBOX, where the preparation of box for the built-in installation allows adding the aesthetic external part of the mixer at a later stage, choosing from the various designs of our products. Over time, TECNOBOX and UNIBOX enable an easy renovation without removal of wall coverings, since the outer parts are specifically designed to be replaced (as voluntary option). Rubinetterie Eurorama S.p.A. is today an important player in its reference market, with the ambition of projecting itself in the global market as a leading company.

Rubinetterie Eurorama S.p.A. established in 1972, is a leading manufacturer and supplier of taps for bathroom and kitchen. Having started with two objectives:
CREATIVITY & DESIGN, now we have over the years scaled spectacular heights, with a constant yearning to do more. With more than four decades of experience in the bath and kitchen market, we now have the expertise to deal with diverse customers and to provide a wide range of products.

Rubinetterie Eurorama has been ITPI certified since 2008, the Institute for the Protection of Italian Manufacturers is the body certifying that products are made entirely in Italy. The Italian spirit of the trademark released contributes to the immediate recognition of the product and elevates it in terms of quality as well as overall image. The “100% Made in Italy” trademark can be assigned to each product provided that it is made entirely in Italy. The activity of 100% Made in Italy is focused on the value of productions entirely made in Italy. Finally, with the advent of Law 166 of 2009 took place the full recognition of the 100% Made in Italy trademark and the subsequent enactment of the guarantee through certification. Therefore, today is not only a choice of quality and status symbol that enhances the product “100% Made in Italy” but an essential act of communication. The “100% Made in Italy”, applicable to any sector, is part of the product whose quality makes it unique and properly appreciated by the consumer. With the certification, the company that boasts it succeeds in communicating properly the value of quality products made entirely in Italy. The 100% Made in Italy trademark is issued after a careful series of checks on the quality, style, materials and many other stages of the production process, all certified to be genuinely Made in Italy by the trademark of protection. The Made in Italy is a hallmark in the world, of a certain “know-how” it expresses creativity, style, inspiration and beauty, all made with efforts and passion in a difficult context. The world, however, has changed rapidly and the Made in Italy has the need for strong legal protections. Some countries, in fact, do not show scruples in interpreting outdated laws, in some cases encouraged by the inaction of certain European politicians, but also Italian, too submissive against them. We believe strongly in the Made in Italy, in the real and genuine Made in Italy.

For the traceability of certified producers, The Institute for the Protection of Italian Manufacturers has established a system to provide traceability of all Italian products. The system allows checking a series of data useful for the consumer: the producer and the hallmark. These data have been available since 2005. It is sufficient to visit the site and enter the code shown on every product, in order to have the data and determine whether it is an authentic Italian product and verify the origin of the brand approved.



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