For over 50 years we’ve been transforming steel, brass and aluminum into top quality fuel valves.

At Ridart we interpret Italian entrepreneurship with our constructive talent, we express the meaning of industry in the most spontaneous way: through our work.

The experience and value of our company are the result of a long process, which was started many years ago by a person who believed in an intuition and managed to turn it into something real. Giuseppe Meneghini is the forefather of Ridart, the one who created it from a small workshop in Via Ripamonti, Milan. In an era characterized by optimism and resourcefulness, Giuseppe worked for a large American company that arrived in Italy during the post-war reconstruction to produce the first gas stations along the new Italian roads and highways. He drove from town to town with his van and repaired plants. But he then realized he could believe in something more. He sensed the opportunity of working on his own.

He started his own business involving young workers and taught them “the job” that he himself had learned. In the workshop lacked water and heating but the bit the bullet and went bravely on. The lathes produced valves and junctions, and soon the first results came; the business grew and Ridart moved to larger and better equipped buildings. The entrepreneurship and the desire of designing and creating understanding between people: this is the real strength of a company that, at some point in its history, welcomed Giuseppe’s sons, Davide and Luigi, who run the company autonomously and with sense of responsibility.

Today “our” Ridart has become a modern company whose headquarters are in the green woods near Varese. We use the most advanced technologies and equipment, invest in research and development and patent new products which are designed and built to meet future needs.

Only little is left of the old workshop in Via Ripamonti: some photos and gas pumps that adorn the offices. Some things, however, have been handed down through time: the ability to look forward without forgetting our past and the indissoluble values of respect and loyalty. These are the values which we build strong ties on, the ones that we always keep with our suppliers, our customers and our people.

We are Ridart, we have been manufacturing valves for over 50 years and we are an Italian company.

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