Solar thermal is our passion

In 6 years of the presence in the market Pleion has become a point of reference for the Italian Solar Thermal market, offering the most innovative solar solutions, an excellent customer service and a widespread presence throughout Italy.

Why choose Pleion.

As an industrial manufacturer of high efficiency solar systems, Pleion fully meets the demands and needs of people like you who think about the present but looking to the future, aware that the use of renewable energy is the cheapest way.

For that reason we have developed a range of products and systems exploiting in the best way the infinite energy of the sun combining efficiency, ease of installation and use.

We do our best to make our present and the future of our children more cleaner and comfortable.

We are innovators, since 2008.

Founded in 2008, PLEION is an Italian group operating in the solar thermal sector with competence in tailor made solar solutions, research and development, production and distribution.

PLEION offers solutions for the commercial and residential sector with focus on smart solar products.

PLEION Headquarters are located in VERONA, North Italy.

Technology meets the Future

Based on its huge experience Pleion represents a fundamental point of reference in the solar thermal industry.

We continuously develop the best technological and innovative solutions for solar thermal collectors, high-performance, solar thermal systems for any residential, commercial and industrial applications.





The most innovative ideas

Pleion provides full solar solutions, from A to Z.

All products are MADE IN EUROPE to guarantee the highest quality.

Pleion combines creativity and strategy, ideas and technology, innovation and design to produce the best solar collectors certified by the most prestigious international certification bodies.

From the concept to design, through a technologically advanced production: we got an outstanding, reliable and efficient quality product.

Why choose Pleion

• Strong Industrial knowledge: full and unique solutions from a single Partner

• Dedicated team SUPPORTING OEM customers.

• Flexibility in design and technology.

• Huge experience as a market leader in the Solar Thermal.

• Large customer base that trusts Pleion products.

For you, as Solar Specialist, OEM or Wholesaler, Pleion provides lower development costs, high quality services and skilled management team to ensure an excellent product design combined with a high-quality level.

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